a must-have resource for anyone interested in Herbalism


Herbal Medicine: Trends & Traditions by Charles W. Kane

I picked this book up from the library last fall, and behold! I found a really useful short ~n~ sweet basic encyclopedia on medicinal herbs and preparation methods/collection methods. I just love this book!


Herbal Medicine has an easy to read format that includes the plant’s common name and family, genus, and species names, plus a description of the plant, distribution of the plant (habitat), chemistry, medicinal ueses, indications, collection, preparation and dosage, and any warnings or cautions about the plant.


With 58 full-color photos of various plants mentioned in the text, Herbal Medicine offers readers a look at the physical characteristics of some important medicinal plants so they can get to know them and eventually be able to identify them.


Author: lauryn jean

Blogging, adventuring in FL, fiction/writing, poetry, music, Spirit; novice healer & herbcraft/herb gardens, tropical & native Florida gardens, apothecary, plant readings & energy work; living naturally & wholly here in sunny FL 🌞

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