The healing powers of Hibiscus*

Believe it or not the hibiscus flower (family malvaceae or mallow family) is a very beneficial plant in aiding in maintenence of health and healing of blood-pressure/heart and body temperature-related maladies. With over 100 different species, you can take your pick! Hibiscus is a tropical/sub-tropical plant, ranging from Asia all the way to where we usually think of it: Hawaii. I love my hibiscus plant, and I’m here in sunny FL, so it grows just fine 🙂

hibiscus edit

The malvacaea family with its ranging 100+ different species of beautiful blooms originate from Angola, and contribute many healthful benefits including moderation of body temperature, just to name one. Gaia Herbs  gives a great easy-to-read list of common uses of this wonderful and gorgeous plant ranging from Egypt and parts of Africa all the way to Europe and here in the U.S.–*a note be said here on its usage in the U.S.: we do not practice traditional herbal medicine as a traditional way of healing, rather we rely heavily on modern medicine, but I included the note on the U.S. because it is easy to grow here in FL and other tropical/sub-tropical regions including Hawaii and the Carribean regions.

My first exposure to hibiscus as a healing plant was when I bought a lovely craft tea of rose and hibiscus mixed with raspberry. The tingle and pink tinge of the brew was a little alarming at first, and the taste a little different. It’s a little tart, but sips wonderfully! This brew was very relaxing as well as easing on my PMS (TMI I know!) and cramping–mainly due to the fact that raspberry was in it. But after researching and continuing to study the benefits of this medicine-in-disguise, I wanted to share just a few of the many benefits of hibiscus:

  • support and aid in respiratory health
  • occasionally used to help ease constipation
  • supporting heart health
  • maintaining normal body temperature
  • …and women, hibiscus has been linked to hormonal/mood balance (ahem PMS) and fertility regulation, though this point is still under research
  • rich in Vitamin C
  • also aids in hydration of body/cells

These are just a few of the many great healthful benefits of hibiscus. So shop around, find some tea bags with hibiscus, and get brewing! If you live in a region where your gardening zone and climate can support growing your own hibiscus plant, by all means, grow it! Not only is it beneficial health-wise, this family of plant offers many different beautiful species that will add just the right aesthetics to your yard. *Another note: all parts of this plant can be used for different medicinal and healing purposes. I am including a list of resources to aid in identifying the best part of the plant to use with relation to any maladies.*


Resources for further reading:

Gaia Herbs

Concsious LifeForce

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Rosella Tea

Barely Green Life

Author: lauryn jean

A freelance copywriter & content writer with my BA and daytime work experience in education, I have come to love my own unique journey with educating and writing using holistic & spiritual approaches. I am driven to create and provide these types of services to those I know who can benefit from what I have to offer. Whether it's developing a personally-tailored content strategy to connect businesses with their supporting clientele or teaching meditative practices to young children, I am in my zen place when working for something I feel is greater than myself.

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