A little bit of dance goes a long way

The heart beat, the pulse, the Drum….they’re all connected….

So I’m going to step onto a path of dance. Namely belly dancing 🙂

Toning, cardio, stamina…all these wonderful results with dance. Not to mention Spirit. The Spirit is cared for when you dance. The rhythm of drumming and music can send one to a ‘trance’ state, enabling total Spirit communion.

You don’t have to be young and supermodel sized…belly dancing is great for EVERY woman, any age, any shape, any size! It encourages confidence in our looks, our Hearts, and our femininity.

So I want to try it! Who’s with me??!!


Juniper Infusion


Beautiful and evergreen, she stands proudly guarding unwanted trespassers…she welcomes and feeds my visiting cardinals. She’s calm and provides shade, sustenance, and she exhibits an ever-giving spirit.

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon, harvesting her berries and greeting the birds.

There’s magic in Juniper. Healing and forest magic. Harvested and crushed right before infusing, this makes a wonderful face rinse. Just a bit on a cotton ball and use as a skin toner. Very effective to use with sensitive and acne-prone skin.