Juniper Infusion


Beautiful and evergreen, she stands proudly guarding unwanted trespassers…she welcomes and feeds my visiting cardinals. She’s calm and provides shade, sustenance, and she exhibits an ever-giving spirit.

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon, harvesting her berries and greeting the birds.

There’s magic in Juniper. Healing and forest magic. Harvested and crushed right before infusing, this makes a wonderful face rinse. Just a bit on a cotton ball and use as a skin toner. Very effective to use with sensitive and acne-prone skin.


Author: lauryn jean

A freelance copywriter & content writer with my BA and daytime work experience in education, I have come to love my own unique journey with educating and writing using holistic & spiritual approaches. I am driven to create and provide these types of services to those I know who can benefit from what I have to offer. Whether it's developing a personally-tailored content strategy to connect businesses with their supporting clientele or teaching meditative practices to young children, I am in my zen place when working for something I feel is greater than myself.

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