Seminole Medicine: A Valuable Resource

Being a FL native, I’m always looking for the hidden and out-of-the-way path…but when it comes to reading, this approach just may land you some awesome resources…Resources that are less heard-of, less sought after…but no less important or valuable to the growth of knowledge.

I recently stumbled across this beauty, as I’m always looking for medicinal resources when it comes to herb craft. Occasionally I’ll find some really great resources dealing with healing using plants’ Spirits, but most of the time, in my area, these are few and far between. Needless to say, when I found this, I grabbed it immediately!

Herbal Medicine: Healing Plants of the Florida Seminole Indians by Alice Micco Snow & Susan Enns Stans is a treasure trove of useful information, set up in a way that you read through Alice Snow’s story: experiences, practices, life, etc. and in an easy to read format with the referencing. There are numerous names for FL healing plants as called by Spirit name by the Seminoles, definitions, meanings, uses, etc. LOVE IT!!






Author: lauryn jean

Blogging, adventuring in FL, fiction/writing, poetry, music, Spirit; novice healer & herbcraft/herb gardens, tropical & native Florida gardens, apothecary, plant readings & energy work; living naturally & wholly here in sunny FL 🌞

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