The Wrath of a God



I will rip the ozone asunder,
rent open from my wrath and desperate hunger
The Lightning is mine to use as I will
and I will exert the power in my Thunder

I will not lose you, Goddess, to mortal pain and end
I will roar aloud with flame dashed to the earth
for it is your Love I will not give up on another’s word and folly

Hail down on lands and seas
I will wreck the plot and seed
if I cannot have you against my breast
and my beating Heart
though I be but one God, I will tear all open
as if I were Nine
until Hel herself shudders with fear
and I win back my Love and my Light
my equal and my like

Fair One, dear Heart
I will come for you
no Giant, no Elfin kind can hold me back from what I love
they will all know Mjölnir and tremble
and your redemption I will ensue
for you are mine and I will not quiet
until you are again in my arms

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