Saturday reading

The rain and chilly weather have made their way to my spot in FL, and along with a steaming cup of black coffee, I opened one of my beloved books.

Celtic Oracle by Gerry Maguire Thompson is a fun and easy oracle deck to work with. The cards feature beautiful illustrations capturing the mystical characteristics of each animal and plant they represent, and I can’t quite resist the simple power and meaning they impart.

I drew 2 cards this morning, one plant totem and one animal totem. Both seemed to coincide with the current New Moon energies and symbolism, as well as the energies that rebirth with the passing of the Wheel from Imbolg toward Spring Equinox/Easter.

I hope these energies resonate within your Heart, and that the season has you productive, healthy, happy, and harmonious ๐Ÿ™‚

Blackbird {Druid Dhubh}


The blackbird is the bird of enchantment. In Celtic legend, its song can send the hearer into a magical trance that enables entry into the Otherworld. The blackbird signifies self- awareness, self -discovery, and exploration of the inner world of the individual psyche.” ~Celtic Oracle.

The New Moon during the turning of the Lunar year has been calling forth that energy required to look inward, to listen to your intuition (‘self- awareness’). This in turn can then be manifested to explore and discover that which moves and motivates you to expression (‘self- discovery’).

This energy is much like the Blackbird represented in this card. Use this energy and look to your own inner self. The answers to your questions are within you; all of them.

Oak {Duir}


The Oak is the most revered of all Celtic trees, bestowing great power and breadth of vision. The Oak engenders self confidence and optimism, the ability to cope with danger and difficulty, and high standards of morality, and the determination to tell the truth. Uncontrolled, the Oak’s powerful energy can lead to being overly demanding or interested in the pursuit of glory.” ~Celtic Oracle

The Oak by far was the King of the trees to the Druids. The word druid roughly translates to oak men, and the tendency for some species in the Oak’s family to grow large and live long have made the Oak a meaningful totem for strength and outward movement.

Which is probably why the Druids sought to model their great teachers/leaders after the Oak’s characteristics.

Harness the power of this kingly tree only after having taken the time to self-reflect and become aware of your inner voice. Once you’ve spent some time intimating with your Self, you can use the inner strength and power you’ve nurtured to cultivate your self-confidence to go after your dreams and reach your goals.

I hope these cards bring meaning & joy on your Saturday, and if anything, meditate on the symbolism of these totems to help you along your journey.

Blessings, Love & Light Xo

Author: lauryn jean

A freelance copywriter & content writer with my BA and daytime work experience in education, I have come to love my own unique journey with educating and writing using holistic & spiritual approaches. I am driven to create and provide these types of services to those I know who can benefit from what I have to offer. Whether it's developing a personally-tailored content strategy to connect businesses with their supporting clientele or teaching meditative practices to young children, I am in my zen place when working for something I feel is greater than myself.

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