Alone in a glade under the burning stars,
Dew moist on the soles of my blistered feet,
My belly distended, pressed to the ground,
Sinking in, mutating within
The needles of pain consume my vision
My breath, reduced to a whimpering supplication
My skin cracks open,
Drying and withered and old
I peel it away from the new
Still soft and wet and waking
This newness hardens my jaw,
Pulls my tears to ash
This new body, now so
Proud and firm and female
Mating with the decay of leaves
And Lifeblood of the soil
And horns of Earthly blessings
Split the crown of my brow
Growing slowly,
Agonizing, surreal,
And so I shed the paltry
Skin of Eve,
And rise from the Womb
Of the Earth Mother
As a new Goddess
A new Flame
A new Stone
A new Way
A new Song
A new Day
A new Earth


Published by

lauryn jean

Poet, Writer, Artist

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