About LJ

Hi, everyone! I’m Lauryn, a poet learning the art of copywriting.


Welcome to LaurynJean.com!

My site has seen a lot of changes, but I attribute that to the expansive nature of the creative arts..as well as my spirituality and life in general. My life’s journey has many paths and cycles, so it makes sense that my creativity would change and evolve as my path does.

During transitions and experimentations, I ultimately came back to my original home in LaurynJean, my namesake and my ultimate digital keeper.

[If you’ve been here and remain after all this time, thank you. In my journey to continue LaurynJean.com, I hope to connect with you more.]

So my new mission for the site is this:  To explore the arts, especially writing, through the expression of my poetry, fiction, and web copy explorations.

That’s not all my mission encompasses, though—I also want to connect with other writers, offer insight and inspiration to other readers, and build a community for creatives to share their ideas, experience, and knowledge.

How I spent the past year and a day getting back to writing

To understand my approach-avoidance and resulting (long-ass) hiatus with this blog, I should start with a quick synopsis of my career:

I spent the first 10 years of it in education, first tutoring, then teaching grades K-12 here in Florida. I spent much of that time watching helplessly as the best of our educators left the schools and our systems deteriorated…until I finally left education, too.

And you know what? When I left the field for good, I felt lighter, as if it was meant to be all along.

I blame it on my creative heart. I just couldn’t ignore my writing. I’ve always had a penchant for poetry and prose, and I started experimenting with fiction several years back.

But to make a full-time living from copywriting, that just didn’t seem attainable to me at the time. It wasn’t until I actively hated going to work everyday that I seriously considered transitioning to copywriting as a career. Like, seriously considered it to the point I said ‘fuck it, I’m going for it’.

I sent my resignation letter at the end of June 2019.

Summer 2019 was the transition.

I worked a few freelancing gigs, accepting shitty pay for quality work. But underneath all that, I kept creating samples, updating my LinkedIn, and applying for both educational and copywriting positions.

Then I found the perfect fit: a full-time, remote position with a local content marketing agency, where I hone my skills and continue to pursue my entrepreneurial passions. I started in October 2019 and plan to stay for as long as they’ll keep me!

I’ve finally reached a place of work-life balance where I can concentrate on just writing, both for my job and my one-day-soon online business.

So now I am revamping LJ… Again

With growth and development come changes, and LaurynJean.com is no different. My goal here is to focus more on the art of writing in its many modes in hopes of genuinely connecting with other writers (and readers!) of like mind to share interests, ideas, and inspirations.

What you’ll find as LaurynJean evolves

I’ll be writing much more about my copywriting and work-from-home journeys where I’ll include tips, hacks, and useful stuff I’ve learned over the years as a complete beginner entering the writing field. And I’ll be including a lot of the tough shit I’ve gone through in the process, with a look at the unique methods I use to stay motivated, productive, and continuously writing (for anyone like me who sometimes needs to hear they’re not alone!)

I’ll still be updating my poetry and fiction categories with original work plus useful stuff like writing prompts/exercises, resources, how-to’s, guides, and other relevant schnitzels for poetry lovers and fiction explorers.

EarthSpiritArt is my newest-old venture, where I’ll include updates about my creative process, resources, tools, tips, and general info regarding my artwork and, well, visual arts in general. [Pssst…I have an Etsy shop!]

What LaurynJean means to me

This space was and always will be a place to document my writing journey and will often reflect my experiences in the field and with making it work. So everything related to these processes like making my remote career work, parenting/homeschooling, lifestyle topics, and other miscellaneous topics are always going to be a part of what LaurynJean means to me. Find these pieces and more in journaling.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to make a suggestion or share an idea for the blog, feel free to get in touch!

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