About Lauryn Jean


I’ve always favored the word witch, as it denotes playfulness, creativity, magic and mysticism. I’ve always been a bit of a mystic soul, and I live for the moments when my Spirit can create–music, poetry, stories, crafts. And I’ve always preferred going barefoot to wearing shoes.

I obtained my B.Ed. back in 2009 from Saint Leo University here in sunny Florida, and I’ve been so fortunate to have found my calling within education, as well as my writing.

I’m a humanitarian at heart, an empathetic person, and quite frankly, I love to teach and learn new things. Applying that to my current mixed career path has proven to me that it is possible to choose more than one passion to make your life’s work. And I love it!

Along with writing and teaching, parenting has been a challenging and rewarding joy. My daughter teaches me everyday, and continues to inspire much of my strength in writing and educating. We will begin another adventure this fall: I will be going back to work full time for the first time in…forever. It can be tough being a teacher’s kid, but ultimately we enjoy doing this together. She’s excited to embark on this next path, and I’m a little nervous! But with inspiration and strength from my little Fireling, we’ll make it a damn good journey. She’s shown me how to be patient, how to relearn all that I thought I knew, and how to approach things with confidence and love. And I hope to one day be like her.

For now my personal projects and job keep me busy, but I still have the freedom to roam barefoot in the garden, in the sand, and under the trees. So until I have to put on real shoes, I’ll keep dancing in the waves! πŸ™‚


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