I’ve always favored the word witch, as it denotes playfulness, creativity, magic, and mysticism. I’ve always been a bit of a mystic soul, and I live for those moments when I can create. Spirit-driven and imaginative, I’m always creating with words. I write poetry mostly, but have developed my voice and tone in fiction. Posts of fiction and short stories will appear along wjth poetry and other writing related jaunts, and you’ll find artwork and hand crafted adventures in Earth~Spirit Art.

I have a bachelor’s degree in education, and have been fortunate enough to find my calling working simultaneously in both fields. I have hopes of attending graduate school one day, maybe for a different humanitarian field altogether.

I can be found working with a diverse range of students, writing, teaching my daughter, playing my piano, painting, and always in the garden.

Learn more about my writing business at barefootinfl.com, and wander the apothecary at wild-woman-apothecary.com to learn about holistic health and wellness and how to make medicines from the garden. My newest baby is a web space meant just for spirituality, occultism, mythology & folklore, supernatural phenomena. You can find that at EarthenMystic. These are my main squeezes for now, someday I may monetize my sites, but for now, they exist and develop as I do: to help and to heal, to entertain and enlighten, and most importantly to inform and inspire.

Feel free to reach out and connect. I’m always happy to chat and share ideas.



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