Under the November Sun

Florida always delivers on an amazing sunset. Her nature is unique, offering temperate and enjoyable weather as winter rolls in. Winters in Florida can be utterly beautiful.



The birds that soar over the waves are migratory and natives. The air sings with promise, and the chilly sea breeze carries a mystical note reminding me of the necessity of stopping for a moment to enjoy what Nature is placing before me..




A Writer’s Paradise

Images of crisp air and seductive sunshine pervade my thoughts whenever I travel to the edge of the peninsula that is Pinellas county, Florida. I let myself be washed away, renewed, just as the small swells of waves here at this tiny little slice of writer’s heaven.


Freyr’s boar seem to watch me as I pour out my collections of observations, like silent and pale guardians of my written creations. The scent of petunias drifts to me, delicate on the breeze that sets the wind chimes to singing.


I find inspiration aplenty, people and cafes and nature…always nature. I love the way the sea speaks, the way the birds soar and dip on the wind, and the way I feel sheltered in my thoughts.

DSCN3586 (2)

I’m not the only one who wanders around, absorbing all there is to absorb, and turning it into stories.

This is my own writer’s paradise. For some it’s a Parisian balcony above a swirling activity of city-dwellers, for others it’s a holiday cabin in the Vermont state forests. For me it’s right here: guided by the scents and sounds amid the laid-back activity of this little city’s inhabitants, watching everything for the three days’ time I’ve allotted myself over the weekend.

I love to listen, to watch, to think up stories in my head about the people, the place, the Nature all around this little tropical retreat.


And think up stories I have been doing. I’m playing around with short fiction and flash fiction, while tying myself to the computer and various notebooks with intentions and daydreams of writing an actual novel.

But for now, the short stories and my poetry fulfill me. The book is more of a pleasure for me; a way to keep writing and writing with no end or beginning clear to me. So for now, I soak all this inspiration in, and let it manifest within my words.

An Introvert’s Guide to Landing Those Artistic ‘Opportunities’

Opportunities exist to all who look for and welcome them. I’m no different when it comes to the desire to jump on new opportunities. The difference in me, however, stems from the fact that I’m not all that great at putting myself out there, making opportunities, and most of all, turning these prospective opportunities into faithful clients and contracts. (It’s especially difficult to align a job with my Spiritual Self, and find more than just monetary satisfaction in it.)

So for an introvert to find and pounce on opportunities in the writing and creative world, there needs to be a ritual–of some fashion. I usually have to seriously analyze every angle of a thing before I let intuitive forces and Fate take the reigns. Whatever the ritual, there are some great tips to add to yours to help get the ball rolling toward grabbing your gigs.

I’ve compiled a short list of resources here to help fellow creative introverts like myself put themselves out there and make their own opportunities.

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An Introvert’s Guide to Freelancing

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Tips to Promote Yourself to Extroverts (applies to any promotion when you’re introverted, really)

Sell Yourself…

These as well as others will find their way to the Links page here on Barefoot in Florida. I’m always open to more suggestions, so if there are some that should be included in this list, please leave me a comment.