Saturday reading

The rain and chilly weather have made their way to my spot in FL, and along with a steaming cup of black coffee, I opened one of my beloved books.

Celtic Oracle by Gerry Maguire Thompson is a fun and easy oracle deck to work with. The cards feature beautiful illustrations capturing the mystical characteristics of each animal and plant they represent, and I can’t quite resist the simple power and meaning they impart.

I drew 2 cards this morning, one plant totem and one animal totem. Both seemed to coincide with the current New Moon energies and symbolism, as well as the energies that rebirth with the passing of the Wheel from Imbolg toward Spring Equinox/Easter.

I hope these energies resonate within your Heart, and that the season has you productive, healthy, happy, and harmonious 🙂

Blackbird {Druid Dhubh}


The blackbird is the bird of enchantment. In Celtic legend, its song can send the hearer into a magical trance that enables entry into the Otherworld. The blackbird signifies self- awareness, self -discovery, and exploration of the inner world of the individual psyche.” ~Celtic Oracle.

The New Moon during the turning of the Lunar year has been calling forth that energy required to look inward, to listen to your intuition (‘self- awareness’). This in turn can then be manifested to explore and discover that which moves and motivates you to expression (‘self- discovery’).

This energy is much like the Blackbird represented in this card. Use this energy and look to your own inner self. The answers to your questions are within you; all of them.

Oak {Duir}


The Oak is the most revered of all Celtic trees, bestowing great power and breadth of vision. The Oak engenders self confidence and optimism, the ability to cope with danger and difficulty, and high standards of morality, and the determination to tell the truth. Uncontrolled, the Oak’s powerful energy can lead to being overly demanding or interested in the pursuit of glory.” ~Celtic Oracle

The Oak by far was the King of the trees to the Druids. The word druid roughly translates to oak men, and the tendency for some species in the Oak’s family to grow large and live long have made the Oak a meaningful totem for strength and outward movement.

Which is probably why the Druids sought to model their great teachers/leaders after the Oak’s characteristics.

Harness the power of this kingly tree only after having taken the time to self-reflect and become aware of your inner voice. Once you’ve spent some time intimating with your Self, you can use the inner strength and power you’ve nurtured to cultivate your self-confidence to go after your dreams and reach your goals.

I hope these cards bring meaning & joy on your Saturday, and if anything, meditate on the symbolism of these totems to help you along your journey.

Blessings, Love & Light Xo

A Writer’s Paradise

Images of crisp air and seductive sunshine pervade my thoughts whenever I travel to the edge of the peninsula that is Pinellas county, Florida. I let myself be washed away, renewed, just as the small swells of waves here at this tiny little slice of writer’s heaven.


Freyr’s boar seem to watch me as I pour out my collections of observations, like silent and pale guardians of my written creations. The scent of petunias drifts to me, delicate on the breeze that sets the wind chimes to singing.


I find inspiration aplenty, people and cafes and nature…always nature. I love the way the sea speaks, the way the birds soar and dip on the wind, and the way I feel sheltered in my thoughts.

DSCN3586 (2)

I’m not the only one who wanders around, absorbing all there is to absorb, and turning it into stories.

This is my own writer’s paradise. For some it’s a Parisian balcony above a swirling activity of city-dwellers, for others it’s a holiday cabin in the Vermont state forests. For me it’s right here: guided by the scents and sounds amid the laid-back activity of this little city’s inhabitants, watching everything for the three days’ time I’ve allotted myself over the weekend.

I love to listen, to watch, to think up stories in my head about the people, the place, the Nature all around this little tropical retreat.


And think up stories I have been doing. I’m playing around with short fiction and flash fiction, while tying myself to the computer and various notebooks with intentions and daydreams of writing an actual novel.

But for now, the short stories and my poetry fulfill me. The book is more of a pleasure for me; a way to keep writing and writing with no end or beginning clear to me. So for now, I soak all this inspiration in, and let it manifest within my words.

Seminole Medicine: A Valuable Resource

Being a FL native, I’m always looking for the hidden and out-of-the-way path…but when it comes to reading, this approach just may land you some awesome resources…Resources that are less heard-of, less sought after…but no less important or valuable to the growth of knowledge.

I recently stumbled across this beauty, as I’m always looking for medicinal resources when it comes to herb craft. Occasionally I’ll find some really great resources dealing with healing using plants’ Spirits, but most of the time, in my area, these are few and far between. Needless to say, when I found this, I grabbed it immediately!

Herbal Medicine: Healing Plants of the Florida Seminole Indians by Alice Micco Snow & Susan Enns Stans is a treasure trove of useful information, set up in a way that you read through Alice Snow’s story: experiences, practices, life, etc. and in an easy to read format with the referencing. There are numerous names for FL healing plants as called by Spirit name by the Seminoles, definitions, meanings, uses, etc. LOVE IT!!





The Witching Way of the Hollow Hill

“We are one with all, so in the great weaving of Fate, we have not always been as we are now, and will not always be as we are now..”

…”The Mother who stands behind and within the entire process of Fate, emergence, reintegration, and rebirth, is the great being who is the Mother and key of the craft. The life that is exchanged is Her life; Her gift is Truth, though Her soul is change and transformation..”

…”The sacredness of the “Land” as the “ground level concept” cannot be understated. The merging process, as well as transformation both here and now and beyond, is the only sacred reality, and all beings, whether seen or unseen, are undergoing it…”

…”No state remains the same, however, and so no mortal pain or peace lasts forever. Some states–like the human condition–are a great mixture of joy and sorrow, of intrigues and boredom…
Wisdom is the key to the entire system; to have Wisdom is to understand ultimately “who” and “what” you are–and thereby no longer having to flow ceaselessly through states of pain and pleasure in search of peace…”

From The Witching Way of the Hollow Hill by Robin Artisson