Beauty and Self Care for Mid-Summer Celebrations

Midsummer is near!


The summer season is a time of the year when things are in full swing.  The Earth is in full bloom and we celebrate the richness of abundance and fertility surrounding us.  Food and sunlight are in plenty and many of us spend the most time outdoors in clothing that reveals more of us than any other time of the year.  I enjoy the energy of this time. I always feel are particular rush of happiness and excitement as we edge closer to the Summer Solstice or Litha.  Tradition tells us the Goddess is fully pregnant and her round belly blesses us with the promise of more abundance to come.  We celebrate the sun and the warmth it provides, allowing for an ease of the life and green growth that the Winters cannot understand.  It is with these thoughts that I find it easiest to be indulgent with myself and…

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Juniper Infusion


Beautiful and evergreen, she stands proudly guarding unwanted trespassers…she welcomes and feeds my visiting cardinals. She’s calm and provides shade, sustenance, and she exhibits an ever-giving spirit.

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon, harvesting her berries and greeting the birds.

There’s magic in Juniper. Healing and forest magic. Harvested and crushed right before infusing, this makes a wonderful face rinse. Just a bit on a cotton ball and use as a skin toner. Very effective to use with sensitive and acne-prone skin.