Freyja’s Chosen

‘Tis savage, it is, the way you mortal men war among yourselves. Your lives are fleeting, in an instant created, and in an instant destroyed. You war and raid and praise in Our names, yet you know not the true faces of Us. We are not as your mortal minds conceive Us, and in your ignorance, you’ve built a fancy that your blood oaths and sacrifices keep us sated, keep us above you and benevolent.

We are all around, beneath the Mound, within it, and above it. We are neither benevolent nor malevolent. We are the Stars, the Sun and the Moon and the tides that bear down on the coasts of the Land you claim as yours. The Land you fight to conquer. We were here long before you, Mortals, and we shall be long here until the day of doom upon the world, and ever after Ragnarok takes us all into the Chaos.

But ’tis the ferocity…your ferocity in your battles that belies your honor, your heart, your need to believe. You worship Me, you worship my Maidens Valkyrie, as if honoring us on the field of battle will sublimate and separate you into a Clan you cannot possibly perceive.
Still I watch you call your Kith and raise your Swords and Shields, and still I do not turn away, because it is Love I see mortals live and die for; Love that forges hearts of steel and Spirits of iron; Love that gives me longing to invite you Warriors into my hall to rejoice your valor. Odin has his pick over Mine, but those I choose are those that hold Love above all else.

Mine own are Warriors who have not forgotten that it is Love they fight for, even in Death.
Because of this, I choose to praise your deeds as you praise those of the Gods. Because of Love, dear Warriors, I choose to open My Hall to your kind, calling you home to rest where you will meet your Loves left behind when the world dies to ash.



~Líadan Rán~

The Wrath of a God



I will rip the ozone asunder,
rent open from my wrath and desperate hunger
The Lightning is mine to use as I will
and I will exert the power in my Thunder

I will not lose you, Goddess, to mortal pain and end
I will roar aloud with flame dashed to the earth
for it is your Love I will not give up on another’s word and folly

Hail down on lands and seas
I will wreck the plot and seed
if I cannot have you against my breast
and my beating Heart
though I be but one God, I will tear all open
as if I were Nine
until Hel herself shudders with fear
and I win back my Love and my Light
my equal and my like

Fair One, dear Heart
I will come for you
no Giant, no Elfin kind can hold me back from what I love
they will all know Mjölnir and tremble
and your redemption I will ensue
for you are mine and I will not quiet
until you are again in my arms

Traditions of the North Witch: The Völva

In ancient Scandinavia and Germania, there was a class of priestesses or seeresses whose history and lore are of great interest. These seeresses, or völvas/vǫlvas, were a class of women all their own. Responsible for reading omens, prophesying, and divination on behalf of their tribesmen, these women were clearly the conduit between Midgard and the Beyond.

Völvas must surely have looked to the Ancestors’ spirits, as well as spirits that resided in the land and sea. These women were thought to be the mortal divinity of Freyja, as it is said Freyja was the goddess who introduced the art of Seiðr–that is, the practice of seeing into the future, the Unknown, and even the world of the dead, as much wisdom is gained from Spirit conversation.

These women were held in very high esteem, respected as a divinity by all…including men of all ranks. This seems to be so because the culture and religious practices of the Vikings and Germanic tribes attributed all women as having been in some way endowed with this power. Those that chose this path in life because of their strong sight became married to their staves, the working wand of the wild witch.

Völvas who were requested to divine on behalf of the people would do so sometimes publicly, as all were connected to Fate, and would sometimes be called to the home to perform a ceremony. It seems clear that these women acted as Shamans to their communities. They would be imparted with spell-song, to help aid their trance-states so the information from the worlds beyond would be better transmitted.

Not unlike Shamans of many other tribes, völvas would commune with plant and animal spirits as well as those that dwell within the land and hearth and home. For this reason, many were called upon as healers for spirit and body, too.

The Seiðr-craft was so revered and respected (because of its origins from Freyja, no doubt) it is said that Freyja was the one to impart this knowledge to Odin himself. The power of the Feminine Divine, indeed.

The lesson one can take from the völva and other women who are practitioners of this ancient tradition is one of self-discipline and spiritual development. The sight must be practiced, brought into harmony with all of the Self. Such practice seeks to completely eradicate the Ego’s stirring presence of self-doubt, opening the channels for communication between all divine beings, both of Earth and those who dwell beyond and below.

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Bone in Black & White


I gave the skull to my friend the other day. Of course it was imperfect for me, but she assured me she absolutely loved it. I have to admit, even though it was a little too shaky, parts crooked, it came out relatively well. These shots were taken as soon as the paint was dry. The next day I coated it in lacquer… just to be sure it would survive a while longer.




Of Bone & Blood & Ink….Again (:


Summer is officially here in my little part of Florida. My garden is thriving, I’ve got tomatoes and peppers and summer squash almost ready to harvest…mainly because I started a little late this year…and my Spirit is full of busy joy.
I have been crafting like mad, during my off hours from my part time job, and I’ve some new paintings that I need to finish up and get ready to add to my “gallery”. Everything is coming together for my etsy shop, and within the week I’ll finally have items listed in my shop!

With all that and more keeping my insanity at bay, I was recently given this skull to add to my collection- it’s quite deteriorated, but I’ve worked with bone in this condition once before…and I’ve a better way of bringing it back to life. Here and now, I’ve coated it with a white primer, and will blot on some white acrylic to fill it in. The horns will be painted an aged brown, and this piece will eventually feature a Runic glyph and some Greek goddess totems in honor of the friend who gifted me with this old beauty. Her Greek heritage will flow in connection with my Norse, and this baby will be done!…And given back to her since I know she was a little hesitant to give it up to begin with!

So just a quick update; pictures will be posted of my finished pieces with links to my shop. Blessings all XxX