Within tempestuous Nebulae

Stars collide
Within these eyes
Memories seducing
Blood alive
Cosmic shifts
Rip meaning from time…
And I became high
A sweet euphoria
Pulsating in rhythm
To this
Galactic lullaby

[Featured image: Cone Nebula, star forming region located within the constellation Monoceros; photo courtesy of constellation-guide.com]

The Woods

A flame still burns,
upon the hidden altar of transformation
Mortal eyes cannot see
what spirit sees or she places before me
I can perceive figures in the muted light
Shadows on guard
protecting relics of a world we have yet to know
But our knowing grows
And I cannot blanket the terrors of
A dimming wood
A forest of souls and stones and bones
Calling me to tread on down this well hidden trail
An arch of solid granite shrouded in vines and roots of ancient trees
Shows my spirit the way
And my feet lead me
Down the steps
Of disdain and quickened pain
Through shadows of my Self
Evolving to this moment
Trivial longings fade into the distance
And this one true desire beckons my heart to soar
On ravens wings to strike out the clout
Of disillusion
And I kneel in the fog
This astral mist of blooded memories
And I believe
We hold the key
To the womb of the earth
Where pain and peace do not turn so easily
From one to the other
The hater to the lover
My mother whispers my destiny
And I can see
The way before me
And I’ve come home



On Seeing


I see shapes and shades in the smoke
Dragon prayers offered in flame
A figure turning in my direction
Mysterious void in the air with a furtive glance
The Owls are always present now
A constant call to my longing wild heart
Beating in rhythm to the ancient Drums of the Earth
Spirits roam so freely…we are not aware how thin our veils are
I cannot focus entirely on one thing…
It is all and the whole of separation
The Great Horned One resides in the pines, calling them all to me
A message of Spirit
A haunting melody
Twigs snap in the dark
And I can feel them near
Spirit of Bird and Beast
Spirit of the Trees
Earth Mother never hides
We just refuse to see…