My heart is aching
It wants to fucking burst
leave trails and droplets
of the beauty i see
All around me in everything
I wish i could tear myself open
nursing failed wounds
and callous hands
But roots are to be forgiven
here in the dust storms of forgotten dreams
Planting seeds, and
surrounding all things like
A lover sees
When stroking the cheek of that
Like a beating wing, but
in the halos of unforseen imaginings

in this limitless
vestal Orbit
Wild and untainted
in sights and visions
ages of future memories
And i weave,
long and unbent
my Fingers crawling
ever crawling
drawing designs in the fabirc of what we think is Time
I am alive
hypocrisy and the lies
the hiding of Truth
and stifling the
one most loving gift
of them all,
that frail spark of
lying within the Stardust
swirling between my eyes

And i,
in this soliloquy



We floated away, once,
bellies down, drowning in dreams
You used to wake at 3 am
wild-eyed and aware
Now it’s empty here,
and I’m alone
watching the shadows
slide across the ceiling
Spilling secrets
and pieces of eternity
Reminding me
of how fleeting
fickle hearts can be


Pandora’s Birth

I remember waking in the stale air of a cave – a womb inside a desolate earth, but not my earth.
This place was foreign and savage, filled with hate and pain and vast seas of red blooded rage.

There were molten moons rising all around, skeletal greys, pale greens and sickly ambers.
They rose over the horizon of this ethereal alien world to taunt my darkened senses.

I wasn’t relenting, and I refused to grow into those long grooves and veins that encapsulated the faces of Saturn’s lovers. Those straining epitaphs of exploding red suns beating as a broken heart deep down at the bottom of his bottomless ocean.

My skin rebelled against the atmosphere of that crater, crawling with nebulous tides of encroaching ice floes. Thirsty, poisonous smog growing thicker with my breathing.

I was stranded.

My limbs sank into a giving ghost land, striving to understand this meaningless motion.

Saturn floating under my belly, I tried to take my eyes from the burning red orbs calling forth great tidal waves of an unnameable ocean.

Monstrous moons warped time, warping size, crossing a boundary that was totally contrived.

I gave in and observed the monstrous growth of the giant suns, the breathing pulse of their fires, the eternal explosion of life.

Now death.

But Life again.

The waves of this changing tide burned red in reflections, calling me out to seek the blue.

The green, the Earth in between.

I gave in and
I made you.



I’m not here to make it pretty
or to make it all blend in

I’ve come here to tear down walls

Fuck shit up

devour this blasphemous law-

This, nanotech conscripted scripture
that I wanna blow apart

I’m not here to make it simple
or to cave into demands

I’m standing here to
          burn this bridge
remind you
        of your sins



Go ahead, ruffle my feathers.
I’ve never really cared for the ordinary,
the small talk, the mundane paste
of this grey world.


I want red and gold and sparkling luminescence.
I want deep conversation, intellectual stimulation.
A chance meeting of
2 fated souls,
Fiery spirits
Raw beings with chipped edges along the porcelain blushed boundaries of our mutual longings.

I yearn for the extraordinary, the misplaced,
the out of place,
The odd.

I want the fevered passion of blazing hearts
bursting with the need to
feel each other’s beat.

I want the music of laughter and light and Life,
the sliding of souls
so sublime
and delicate
and wrecked
I cannot help but
fall in Love.