Beauty and Self Care for Mid-Summer Celebrations

Midsummer is near!


The summer season is a time of the year when things are in full swing.  The Earth is in full bloom and we celebrate the richness of abundance and fertility surrounding us.  Food and sunlight are in plenty and many of us spend the most time outdoors in clothing that reveals more of us than any other time of the year.  I enjoy the energy of this time. I always feel are particular rush of happiness and excitement as we edge closer to the Summer Solstice or Litha.  Tradition tells us the Goddess is fully pregnant and her round belly blesses us with the promise of more abundance to come.  We celebrate the sun and the warmth it provides, allowing for an ease of the life and green growth that the Winters cannot understand.  It is with these thoughts that I find it easiest to be indulgent with myself and…

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A little bit of Summertime Magic

The weather has been absolutely heavenly, and things are growing and thriving in the garden and around the yard. DSCN2872.a1_markedMy dandelions have been plentiful, perfect for making cosmetics and tea. These babies pack a punch of all sorts of vitamins and minerals, and are a very rich source of beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. Some of the other vitamins and minerals found in dandelions include Vitamin B-complexes, Vitamin C & small amounts of Vitamin D, fiber, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous.

Dandelions are also a great source to get trace minerals and organic sodium (table salt is baaaaad news!) A bitter plant they can be, but these babies can be mixed with sweeter greens and fruits for a wonderful salad. Minus the ants! So clean before eating & using.


I don’t believe this particular species of milkweed is native to FL, but it sure as hell helps nurture, support, and harbor my monarchs! I got to watch the monarch’s life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly with my little girl, and it never fails to amaze me!

(This is a great page, easy to read information about FL’s native milkweeds and monarch facts.)DSCN2847.a_marked

Here she is emerged from her chrysalis, posing for a picture. Nature is amazing, the Earth Mother always gifting us with moments to share love and joy with every living being. With moments like these, magic truly does exist.

Summer Blessings Xo

Of Bone & Blood & Ink….Again (:


Summer is officially here in my little part of Florida. My garden is thriving, I’ve got tomatoes and peppers and summer squash almost ready to harvest…mainly because I started a little late this year…and my Spirit is full of busy joy.
I have been crafting like mad, during my off hours from my part time job, and I’ve some new paintings that I need to finish up and get ready to add to my “gallery”. Everything is coming together for my etsy shop, and within the week I’ll finally have items listed in my shop!

With all that and more keeping my insanity at bay, I was recently given this skull to add to my collection- it’s quite deteriorated, but I’ve worked with bone in this condition once before…and I’ve a better way of bringing it back to life. Here and now, I’ve coated it with a white primer, and will blot on some white acrylic to fill it in. The horns will be painted an aged brown, and this piece will eventually feature a Runic glyph and some Greek goddess totems in honor of the friend who gifted me with this old beauty. Her Greek heritage will flow in connection with my Norse, and this baby will be done!…And given back to her since I know she was a little hesitant to give it up to begin with!

So just a quick update; pictures will be posted of my finished pieces with links to my shop. Blessings all XxX